• post the 07/03/12
    post by : NLG1K

God damn it ! Noizeskill !!!
Brewed & raised in the dark slums of hell… Laying the bricks with his own unique style of death marchings & industrial hardcore.
Breaking your skull with his industrial metal beating kicks, we are now getting to the final mutation with our new hybridmachine gun : Noizeskill !

For the second ep of our subdivison metalstep EGO1ST RECORDINGS we blast your face with 2 brand new exclusive weapons from Noizeskill, our Italian metal Nekromonger.

In this single release, Noizeskill shows you exactly what we mean about Ego1st Label vision, 2 tunes worked into a vision of deathmetal melancholic nightmares followed by a dark walk to the lymbs of hell.

As if that wasn’t enough, we offer u a special interview & recorded a Nekrolog1k podcast ‘, which is… as expected, to be a fucking banging session !

Download Link :

Nekrolog1k Podcast 07